Thursday, May 20, 2010

The last day...

Today was Drew's last day of preschool at Noah's Ark. He's been there since he was almost two. He started out in the Kangaroo class with Ms. Maria and Ms. Gayla then the next year he was in the turtle class... and then in the elephant class last year. This year he was in class with Ms. Jane and Ms. Connie and he was a Bear.

As I've told other people about why I do what I do... both Josh and Drew have late birthdays so instead of starting them in K at 5 years old and then having them proceed to first grade, we do things a little differently. I want my boys to have the advantage of being the oldest in their class and having one more year to mature (we all know how BOYS are, don't we girls?) because they need it!

So, this school where Drew will go has an "in between" class. It's more advanced than kindergarten but not quite first grade. It's called Developmental First. Josh took it too, so while he is old enough to be in 5th grade, he's in 4th. And, he's the oldest in his class. He will appreciate that down the road for academics and sports.

Today for the end of the year teacher gifts, I went and bought some acrylic margarita glasses from Hobby Lobby (50% off) and hot glued ribbon around the edges. We cut a small foam block and inserted it in the cup. A quick trip to Costco yielded 2 dozen roses for $16. I divided it between the 5 cups and voila.. instant beautiful gifts. Drew had one for his two teaches, the director (wonderful woman) and the music teacher (Ms. Hallie). I even made one for Ms. Lori who he claims was his favorite teacher ever. She is JUST so, so wonderful. I do agree with Drew - she's pretty awesome.

As such, today is the end of one era in our life. I no longer have a preschooler. This fall, I will have two boys attending a real school. I'm glad they'll be there together, however. I love that they'll have that. I even called today to get them set up for testing. :) Josh is QUITE excited. Drew's just excited to eat lunch in a cafeteria with a big group of people and it be a HOT LUNCH! WOW!

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