Wednesday, May 26, 2010

He got SHOT!

Big day today it was... 8:15 a.m. we all walked into our pediatrician's office for Ben's 2 month check up. The boy was born at 6.6 and went down to 6 lbs on his first visit. I'm happy to report he's over 11 pounds now. The boy is growing and man do they ever grow fast!

The doc checked him out and everything looks great. He's hanging out in the 50th percentile in everything.

THEN it was time for immunizations. I know there is a huge controversy/debate over immunizations and autism. I'm one to lean on the side of caution and think that I'm going to do everything I CAN do to protect my child and so I am an advocate of immunizations. I see no reason to give them a potential risk of serious disease or infection. The benefits far out-weigh the risks to me. HOWEVER, I can not stay in a room when they get shot. I just can't. I can't watch someone poke my children and make them cry without wanting to punch them right in the nose.

So, that's where Andy comes in. When it was "shot time," I left the room with the boys and it wasn't too long after that Andy walked out holding Benjamin and he wasn't even crying. He said he didn't even notice with the first one and didn't even start to turn red until she was done with the second one.

I loaded him up in the carseat. We drove to the bank to cash some checks, Chick Fil A for breakfast, to Walgreens to load up on a few necessities (and, most importantly, get some infant Tylenol-ish medication). We came home and the child slept. And slept. And slept like he hadn't slept in a week. His colic, screaming, two-hour lung work out the evening prior really must have just knocked him out. Poor guy. I had to wake him up after I was just about engorged after 5 1/2 hours and then he cried for an hour while attempting to nurse. (It was so sad). Then he cried for another hour... and finally settled into his swing where he was for about...well, about another 4-5 hours. He slept his day away. I think after getting poked, however, you've earned it.

It was also Drew's last t-ball game of the season. I didn't attend because of Ben. If I didn't have the swing, he'd likely have cried the entire time and that's not worth it to me. Afterwards, the family went to Spring Creek BBQ and brought me home some take-out.

Therefore, instead of attending the game, I held my cutie, rocked and watched the finale of American Idol. Stand by for your complete recap.

Lee Dewyze won. I'm glad. I called and voted for him several times. It was an odd show. Since I'm not a huge advocate of television in general, I will admit that this is really the only "reality" tv show that I like or even get into other than So You Think You Can Dance. I think it is because I ENJOY singing and am good at it and I ENJOY dancing (when I did).

I think Simon (my favorite judge) leaving is a sad thing. At one point they brought Paula to the stage to talk to him and honestly, it was bizarre. She was drugged or something. Andy said that he read that Madonna was taking Simon's place. I think that's sad.

But, regardless, as far as the winner... Crystal IS an amazing musician but she's not as "main stream" and marketable as Lee. Casey, too, was great but sometimes the vibrato in his voice almost makes him sound nervous. I do, however, know of one big huge RICH country star that has the same thing -- ever heard of one Toby Keith? Yeah, his voice does that too!

At one point, they brought out all the previous winners (sans David Cook) which was really entertaining. There are the big guns -- Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood.... and then the others. You know, the ones that win but that you just don't see or hear much of them again. They didn't become a "Kelly" or a "Carrie" or a "Daughtry" after the show..... Fantasia, Ruben Studdard, Chris Taylor -- some of those people just seem to disappear. Taylor Hicks was there. I read he was doing Grease on Broadway. Sounds interesting but not a way to keep your name out there.

The finale show brought the likes of Alice Cooper, Janet Jackson, Hall & Oates, Chicago, Bret Michaels, Alanis Morissette, Christian Aguilara (her song was snoooooooooore -- boring!) a couple of the Bee Gees and Joe Cocker to the stage. Many of them it was probably the first time in a while before a huge, live audience like that. And a few of the arrangements were just.... weird. However, it was enjoyable. I think that there was just no way to top last year's finale show. That was awesome.

So, in the end, Lee won. He seemed blessed and humbled and real and honored. I think Crystal was ... less grateful for the experience than he was which is why it was quite nice for me to see someone like him win.

All in all, that was my night. Shots, errands, crying, t-ball, BBQ and American Idol.

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Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh yes my dad would always go w/ me for shot days. He would hold them while they got shots while I cried.

Glad you got a little snuggle time :). I'm not a AI fan so thanks a bunch for the recap. I'm not sure Madonna would be right. Poor Paula just needs to kick whatever it is! Sounds like a great show!!!