Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Question Game

Vicki over at Frugal Mom Knows Best (one of my fav sites, by the way) has me pegged in her Question Game. The rules are that you are to answer the questions, make up ten of your own, and pass it on to seven others.

So, here we go!

1) Why do you blog? I initially started blogging as a way to keep track of the daily life of me and my boys so that when it came time to scrapbook certain moments, the journaling would be fresh and not random pseudo-thoughts from my less than ideal memory. It has, however, evolved into a bit of everything from an opinion fielding source, an outlet, and now a way to leave something of "me" for my kids... not that they'd want to go back through the years of blog when they actually get old enough to give a flip.

2) Is there anything you refuse to blog about? What a funny question... I watched an episode of House about this very thing. This woman was very ill and it seemed that every facet of her life she blogged about. Her beau really resented that she seemed to care more about her "audience's" opinions than theirs and nothing was left to question -- she blogged about everything. I think there is definitely a line that you can cross in your choice of blog fodder. What that line is, however, I'm not sure. For me, it may be one thing. For others, it'd be something else. I don't blog about a) the issues with my ex for fear that my son may read this and think less of him or b) I don't want him to ever have recourse to use my blog against me! Ha! If there is something extremely personal, I probably wouldn't blog about that either... like... all the issues getting your mojo back after having a baby.... when you have a political opinion that isn't popular... abortion... I don't blog about them because they're not raised in my every day conversations but not because I fear debate (I LOVE IT, actually). But I can't stand debating issues with people that will never come to the place where you have to agree to disagree. Those kind of people are annoying to no end (to me) and so I do avoid some topics so that I just don't even HAVE to deal with those people to whom oxygen is wasted. (Did I say that out loud?) LOL

3) If you found your Ex on Facebook/Myspace would you stalk their page? Nope. I could really care less what he's up to. LOL I do, however, have some ex-boyfriends on Facebook but... it's not like we're dating. We're friends. Who cares?! Neither me nor my husband are so insecure that we couldn't stand the thought of our ex's being friends. How juvenile.

4) Are you a morning person or a night person? I'm neither. I'm a middle of the day kind of girl. I am a morning person now because I'm busy playing nurse Bessie moo cow for a good part of the morning, afternoon, evening, late night so I have no choice. :) I'm married to a night owl, however.

5) Who really wears the pants in your family? We equally wear the pants. I know it sounds really crazy to say that but we both equally pull our weight. I'm blessed to have someone that works hard so that I can stay home and raise our family the way we see fit. I have no desire to do anything financial (been there/done that/don't like it). He IS a number's guy. I like to meticulously plan menus and such... he could care less... so we each play on our strengths. Could we each, perhaps, do a little more? Sure. We all need a little nudge to help out one another more...but for the most part 99% of the time, we're on a level playing field. I feel extremely blessed because of this.

6) Do you have any tattoos? I do. I have a Mickey Mouse face in front on my bikini line that I got when I was 18 and then a "tramp stamp" of a tribal sunset/sunrise. I love them both but have no desire to get any others.

7) Are there any pets in your house you just don't really like? Not anymore. Andy's rottie, Thor, and I were mortal enemies. I will admit, however, that I felt MUCH safer with him in the house but he hated me and pissed on my clothes and growled at me... so I don't miss him now that he's gone. Nor do I miss the wads of hair he shed on a continual basis nor the mountains of Thor dung strewn about the back yard.

8) Is your neighborhood the Desperate Housewives kind of neighborhood? Aren't they all?

9) Beer, mixed drink, or wine? Honestly, I don't drink at all anymore. I haven't had a drink since I was pregnant and then it was 1 glass of wine. When I did drink, I did enjoy any of the above. Beer -- Newcastle or Shiner Bock. . . Wine -- depended on what I was eating and Mixed drinks -I love Jager Bombs (Red Bull and Jagermeister), pina coladas, bloody maries, jack/coke or Cape Cods (cranberry juice/vodka). Seriously, I just look at the price tag for drinks and think how stupid it is to spend that much money on one drink and all those calories. I also tend to think about all the people that have been hurt by drunk drivers... and that alone, makes me want to not drink at all.

10) What is one thing you would change about you if you could do anything.....$, time, space whatever is not a consideration. You could change anything! Hmmm... I think having to work for what you want is something that builds character... so assuming I could work to achieve that... I'd finish school, get into law school and finish...then move to a custom-built home...about 5,000 sq feet on about 15 acres and have a law firm where I could work part time to fight a-holes like the ACLU and all the idiots that want to rip apart what our country was founded upon. :)

OK... so now the hard part. I'm supposed to pick 7 people and give them 10 questions. They're supposed to post their answers, link back to me so I can see your answers and choose your seven! My 7 are, in no order:

1) One of my favorite blogs, How to Survive Life in the Suburbs

2) My girl Christa at Scrap 3

3) One super hard workin' momma at Running Away? I'll Help You Pack How can you NOT love her with a blog title like THAT?!

4) One smart cookie, Mary at Something about Mary C

5) Keli who is a ridiculously amazing shopper at Feeding Four

6) Big Teeth and Clouds has an amazing mom/author named Joey and I just love her entries.

7) Shannon (who you see here linked up about every week for her Thankful Thursdays) at The Mommy Files

AND... here are my 10 questions (and I'm stealing a couple of Vicki's too!):

1) What have you done/said that made you say, "Wow, I'm becoming my mother!"
2) Is there anything that you refuse to blog about?
3) What did you want to be when you were little... why didn't you pursue it as you got older (if you didn't?)
4) How many blogs do you follow on a regular basis or subscribe to and TRY to follow on a regular basis?
5) What comes easy for you in life?
6) What's one way you KNOW you'll never die? (For instance, I know that I will never die sky diving -- because I WILL NOT sky dive.)
7) Do you have any fears/phobias?
8) Do you do volunteer work with your family?
9) What's your favorite home cooked meal (and if it sounds good, be prepared to share the recipe!)
10) What's a place you haven't visited that you wish to -- (either as a family or just with your significant other)?


ModernMom said...

Aww! Thanks April!
I loved these questions when I say them over at Vicki's and enjoyed reading all of your answers.
So touched that you included me on your list:)
I'll get working on this one soon!

Keli said...

:) Great questions!! Thanks for including me. I'll get working on them soon!

MaryC said...

Here you go, sister!

Frugal Vicki said...

I LOVED your answers! And I think it is very honorable of you not to blog about your ex so your son won't think less of him. That shows a lot about your character!
HA, tramp stamp, I love it!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Thank you so much April!!! I'm so sorry it took me so long to come over here. One day the juggling will stop lol.

LOVE all your answers you always make me laugh so hard :) Oh you know my thoughts on the tramp stamp ... lol

You my dear are a class act!