Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Stealing

The guys at Sunday Stealing go about the blogosphere finding memes to steal from other blogs. I like to participate so here we go!

1. Make a list of 5 things you can see without getting up. 1) Benjamin; 2) My entertainment center which houses the television and shelves of personal mementos such as photos of the boys, Demdaco Willowtree Angels, the ashes of my Boomer and Gidget; 3) the bathroom vanity; 4) the ceiling fan; 5) Ben's changing table

2. How do you style your hair? How often do you cut it? I'm a stay at home mom of three busy boys. I find it a blessing right now to just be fortunate enough to get a shower each day (I think I'm on day two of now shower right now... just keepin' it real folks) so typically it's pulled back in a pony tail and I'm wearing one of three favorite hats (Texas Tech, the Gap or my "Tree Hugger" hat from Laura). If it gets styled, that means it's church or I want to look extra special good for my honey pie. I cut my hair about once a year. I don't have time nor the patience for high-maintenance hair. I'd like to go back short but not until I lose the weight. AND I'd like to have highlights but it will definitely be when Ben is older. Shorter hair requires you to fix it so it's a good thing because it forces you out of the lazy habits that I currently possess. :) It works for now and I'm just going to live in the moment. I'll worry about that later when it matters.

3. What are you wearing now? I'm wearing my new Reef flip flops, a pair of black athletic shorts, a white t-shirt with black ribs around the cuffs and neck... and Benjamin if you want to get picky. He's on my lap crashed out in a milk drunken state so he counts right? :)

4. What's your occupation? Do you like it? I am a domestic engineer. Sounds impressive, right? Until you realize that it's a homemaker. Fixer of all things broken. Seeker of all things lost. Cooker of all things yummy. Shopper of all things sale. Mender of broken hearts. Healer of boo-boos. Listener of worries. Maker of children. Nurturer of little minds. I'm a doctor, chef, taxi, therapist, art teacher, cheerleader, maid and more. It's the hardest job ever and I'd never consider another!

5. When was the last time that you took a nap? Was there a special reason? I had a nap yesterday. I don't think I ever got to fall asleep (there was a certainly little creepie that kept coming in to my room to remind me that he wanted to go over to play with the kiddo next door). It was still a nap for me because I was still, it was dark and I was laying down. Sleep was irrelevant at that point because I needed to just rest. No special reason other than mommy was going to fall asleep standing up if I didn't.

6. Who was the last person you hugged romantically? My husband, of course.

8. What was the last full meal that you ate? I had donuts for breakfast. Does that count? I had pizza for dinner at 9:30 p.m. last night? Those aren't meals, to me. They're junk but they were eaten merely out of necessity. Last full meal was on Thursday on Josh's birthday. I made one of his favorite meals... rotisserie chicken with rice and veggies.

9. What was the last email that you received? I'm sure it was spam. LOL. So I don't remember. Just kidding -- it was from my dear friend, Christa. We're trying to find great ways to keep our kids entertained, socialized and educated this summer.

10. What one website do you always visit when you go online? Why, my blog of course! I will either start a post or edit one. They're never done in one sitting.

11. What was the last significant thing you bought? A new car. I think that's pretty significant!

12. What musical artist did you not get at first, but then became a fan? Eminem and Gwen Stefani. I didn't like him when I heard him but then I started listening to the messages in his rap (which I'm really not a big fan of anyway) and he had some pretty powerful words to say. The way he can tweak a rhyme is awesome. Gwen Stefani -- when she came out with Hella Good, I thought it was the STUPIDEST song ever. Then, one day, I just loved it. Now, I'm still not a big huuuuuuuuuuge fan of hers but... that rap-ish song she sings (if that's what you want to call it) really IS stupid -- Holla Back Girl. Yeah, it's dumb.

13. What do you think about before you go to bed last night? How long am I going to get to sleep before Ben wakes up.

14. What was the last CD you bought? Wow, that's ... impossible to remember! It's been at least two years so I have no clue.

15. What is your favorite weather, and why? What's the weather like today? I love chilly weather. The kind where you need a sweater to feel comfortable... you can wear boots and jeans and everything is a-okay. Maybe even a light jacket... and sunny. Why? Because everyone (well, just about everyone) looks good in jeans and a sweater/sweat shirt. Not everyone looks good in shorts and tank tops. It's Africa hot here and frankly, I hate it. I'd rather stay indoors. Blech!

16. If you could have a special artistic talent, what would it be? I want to be able to read music so that I could play anything (with practice, of course). I can carry a tune very well. I can sing. I can harmonize....but being able to read music so that I could do multi-part harmony or learn to utilize other musical instruments (besides my voice) would be wonderful.

17. Did you watch the Idol 9 finale? If yes, what are your thoughts? Yes, I did. I recapped it HERE

18. What's something you'd like to say to someone right now? Drew, you're not allowed to get anything down from the playroom shelves without asking. Josh, put up your freakin football pads for the nth time or I'm chunking them and no more football! I don't CARE if Drew wants to wear them. He never puts them up and they're left in the floor so YOU PUT THEM UP!

19. Any special plans for this (holiday in the States) weekend? Wrote about that HERE


I am Harriet said...

Domestic engineers rock!
Have a great weekend.
Join us for Monday Mayhem

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

I love your job description!