Friday, May 7, 2010

Six Weeks

That is how long it's been since I went into labor with the little guy while strolling around Kroger with Joshua. And, as I sit here in some serious need of shut eye... I didn't want to miss documenting this time for him.

He still hasn't found his voice to babble. He's very throaty. He grunts and lets out raspberries. I just tell everyone that he's getting rid of the extra air in his mouth. He passes gas and then lets out those throaty "raccoon laughs" (that's what I call them). Seriously, he already is laughing at toots. It seriously has to be a guy thing.

He HAS found his lungs, however. Ha ha. He lets you know this at every opportunity.

Don't that it that he's a bad baby -- that he is not. He, like Drew, developed the baby acne (HATE IT!) I want my beautiful baby skin back. It's NOT FAIR!

Benjamin is SUCH a snuggler. I can put him in the middle of a king sized bed and then lay on one side of it. It might take some time but he will scooch (is that a word even?) all the way over to me on the other side of the bed because he loves to snuggle and be near me. :) I eat that up like biscuits and gravy!

And speaking of sleep... this kid can sleep through anything. I gave him a bath -- A BATH and he slept right through it? HOW DO YOU SLEEP THROUGH A BATH?! Wow! He wasn't sure about his first. Hated his second. And, like his big brother Drew, has loved them ever since. He just lays back and chills out. That was the funniest thing ever to watch him completely sacked out while I'm giving him a bath.

As far as sleeping, if he's in motion (as is with most babies) he's out. Therefore, sometimes after nursing I will rock him for a few minutes and he will be motionless, soundless, in complete contented slumber. I move him to the bed to sleep and he is instantly grunting, pursing his lips, continuing with the whole raspberry blowing thing, wiggling, moving, kicking, fists in the air no peaceful slumber at all mode. It's the strangest thing which, for me, makes it VERY hard (read that as "impossible") to sleep since I'm already a light sleeper.

I'm breastfeeding (of course) and it's an incredible bonding experience. Granted, he tends to wake up RIGHT when I get my dinner plate fixed (he got that from his brother, Drew, who was KING of knowing when it was dinner time) to wake up hungry so I have had a few dinners alone in the dining room but, again, it is something that certainly won't last so I don't let it bother me.

I love when he's in his milk drunken stupor and he rolls his eyes to the back of his head and purses his lips then lets me see an unintentional smile. Fleeting thoughts? Perhaps, but at 6 weeks, seriously, what can their thoughts be about? I can't, however, WAIT for those gummy grins! Everything I've read said they start anytime now. I'll start carrying my camera with me everywhere just to capture one of the first REAL smiles.

The boys are taking our new addition in stride, Josh is the biggest help and brings me water or burp rags or things like that while we're in the nursing chair. For him, I think he views Ben as a helper because he gets to watch a little more TV than I'd EVER ordinarily let him when I'm wanting some quiet time.

Drew is in love with Benjamin and loves to watch him. He always tells him good morning each morning when he comes into my room and he always tells him good night and gives him a kiss on the head before he heads upstairs each night. Drew loves to kiss his toes and really is taking the whole "big brother" role very seriously. He talks about how the kids in his class says he's "not a big brother" but "I tell them YES I AM." Drew has told me all different kinds of foods he's going to teach Benjamin to eat with him after he "learns to grow teeth."

The last week has been a little trying - I will admit. Two nights of colic and me getting about 3 1/2 to 4 hours of sleep max per day for 3 days has left my nerves a little frazzled and my patience shot. I just tell myself, "this too shall pass." (All too quickly, I'm afraid.)

My mother in law came over yesterday to take Drew to a birthday party while I took Josh to football practice. She asked me when he was able to take a bottle. Funny, I'd never even given that a thought -- especially this young. I know nursing is a sacrifice but it's one that I'm very willing to make.

We are still working on holding up our head steady. He will do it for a little. I know these little milestones all come in their own time. He's welcome to stay my little baby boy for as long as he wants. I'm enjoying it tremendously.

Anyway, that's the latest on the little man whom I lovingly refer to as Captain Pampers.


chksngr said...

AWWW!@! I love the thought of him sleeping through his bath! That is seriously so cute!! Noah just sort of hangs out, but he certainly doesn't sleep! lol

Melinda said...

April, those days are so sweet and special. How wise you are to savor them and document each laugh and snuggle and burp. I can tell you are an awesome mama. Those children are very blessed! ;0)

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog ... I'm following now!

Candice said...

Congrats on the new little one. Too funny that he slept through his bath!!

brandt! said...

CONGRATULATIONS ... I just caught on you had a "new born" .... how awesome!
I know exactly what you mean about the little grin when feeding ... I so enjoyed those moments with my babies .. totally treasured each moment .. enjoy it .. it goes by so fast .. you already know!