Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fill It In Friday! we go!

1. Salsa, queso, guacamole and tortillia chips are a staple at our house when eating Mexican food. YUM!

2. Wow, it's a sub shop and you've even got mustard. (yeah, that one totally sucked from me didn't it??? That's a hard one!)

3. By the time I get home that playroom better be clean! Man alive how do we accumulate SO MUCH CRAP! Seriously, it's mind boggling how many little pieces there ARE in a box of Legos!

4. Great sales, some "me" time and no waiting in long lines are what I look forward to most when grocery shopping. Just kidding -- Honestly, I don't like grocery shopping that much. It's an evil necessity if we want to do that little thing some in this household consider important -- you know, EAT?!

5. And I was dreaming rhat I was standing in the middle of the classroom completely naked holding a milkshake in one hand and a pink boa was wrapped around my neck. Oh no, wait, that was what was on Cinemax last night! (KIDDING!!!! I don't watch that filth.)

6. there anything else better?!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to Drew's t-ball game and GETTING SOME SLEEP, tomorrow my plans include Josh's last football game (wish me some videotaping karma) AND SLEEP and Sunday, I want to celebrate being a mom at my mother in laws with my mom (and sleep -- are you noticing something I covet?)!

Happy Mother's Day all!


Lulu said...

happy mother's day... My Friday Fill-ins

Billy Rhythm said...

Ah, sleep... When you've got kids, who gets sleep?!

purplg8r said...

I agree that number 2 was hard!

K said...

I agree with number two. pretty tough nut to crack ;)

here from FFI and became a follower of yours already! woot!

brandt! said...

happy mother's day! Video karma, video karma ....