Monday, May 3, 2010

Tv shows and reality but not reality TV

I was sitting here nursing Benjamin and scrolling through the TV channels. We recently obtained Verizon Fios and all of our channels have changed. I have no idea where anything is anymore. I selected a "reality" TV show called The World's Strictest Parents. It's where parents with kids that are out of control (teens) are sent to live with STRICT parents so they realize not only how good they have it but also how they need to change.

I was sitting here thinking good grief... it's so bizarre for me to consider that there are parents that have kids in their home that are so out of control that they have to send them to "strict" homes in order for a light to turn on in their narcissistic, selfish little brains that will change their behavior. It's typical.

It's typical of our society. I can't fix it... YOU fix it.

Look at the obesity epidemic. Does anyone want to work hard to get thin? No, they go get gastric bypass. What I don't get is that the repercussions of THAT surgery are life changing. How can they not just make positive changes NOW rather than risk their lives with surgery and then having a "thumb stomach."

There just seem to be so many "fixes" to internal issues... and this program. When I look at the "before" shots of the parents with their kids, the way these parents ARE with their kids... they not only enable them, they don't discipline them. Since when is it your job to be a friend to your child rather than be a role model, disciplinarian and leader for them? How pathetic that people are sending their kids off to look at someone else's life so they can think "you don't have it so bad" only to return to their life. The parents need to go get help too! It's not just the kids that need to change.

One thing that did seem to be a common thread is that there wasn't religion in the homes where the kids were out of control. The homes they sent them to were very faith based homes. Hmmmm.... it's obvious to me that when Christ is the foundation of your home and then you base the rest of the "rules" of your household on His rules that are clearly laid out in His Word and in His Book. Simple.

Why does our government seem so hell bent on taking Him out of EVERYTHING? The LACK of HIM in our world is why it's going down the tubes quite expeditiously! Seriously, the ACLU and the Obama-nation freaks really need to step off. We CHRISTIANS who are the foundation of our country need to stop being so passive. We need to take our country back... BY STORM! Unfortunately, we're the SILENT majority because we're so worried about hurting everyone and being PC that we just get trampled on. It's time we wake up... seriously WAKE UP!

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