Saturday, May 8, 2010

Come Quick - It's An EMERGENCY!

Andy was gone to the store. I just finished dinner. Ben's in his swing trying to decide if it is time to doze or stay awake. I hear a knock on the door and see a little person with his hands over his brows trying to squint through the window to see if I'm coming to the door. (I was.... the knocking made the dogs bark which REALLY woke up the baby.)

Unhappy face!

Drew is standing there and says with great urgency, "Come quick. It's an emergency."

Immediately, I'm picturing Josh laying on the sidewalk hit by something. Impaled by something. Broken legs. Busted nose. Blood. Something majorly critical. You know, AN EMERGENCY.

Drew then says, "...a baby bird fell out of its nest and we need to take it to a repair shop." He was about to cry he was so scared for the bird.

My sweet little man went to the one place he knew he could find help for that little feathered friend -- ME! Mom. The one with all the answers (or so I have them fooled to believe.)

Up walks Josh with a fledgling in a pink Easter basket. I ask what the circumstances were that they found it, etc. I call the wildlife rehab center and was told that if you find a baby bird on the ground and it IS a fledgling (feathers, etc.) and the mother's nearby, to leave it alone. The moms are knocking the babies out of the nests to learn to fly. Talk about tough love! Wow. As long as there aren't any dogs/cats to worry about, leave the babies alone and the moms will continue to feed them while they're earthbound until they get to being airbound. So, there's everyone's wildlife lesson for the day.

(...and, by the way, if they are little birds with no feathers, and they're alive... they need a rehab place immediately) Carry on!


brandt! said...

ohhh .. how cute!!

Keli said...

awww so sweet!