Sunday, May 23, 2010

Did you know that I'm a horrible parent?

Drew "always never gets to go swimming. Three weeks is like 30 days." Uuuuunngh huuuuuhnnnggh huuuunnnnhgh! (that's him sobbing upstairs.)

You see, I won't let this child go swimming. Why? Because he doesn't KNOW HOW TO SWIM! I have him scheduled for swimming lessons in three weeks. By the end of that week, he'll know how. However, I do not want him swimming in someone else's pool a) becuase right now I can't be there and b) I don't want him wearing floaties. Why? They create a false sense of security. All he needs to do is forget he has them on and get pushed in or fall in and he's a gonner. I nearly lost him once because of a near drowning... I'm not doing it again. I have Benjamin, he's napping. It's miserable outside and don't want Ben out there while I sweat my ass off (pardon the Texan) watching him. Not today. UGH! Besides, Ben is trying to fall asleep right now and from the sounds of it, Mr. Whiney-Butt needs a nap!

So, yeah, I'm a bad parent because I "always never" let my non-swimming 5 year old go swimming. Safety first. He can be mad at me but at least he'll be ALIVE while he is!

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chksngr said... are such a horrible mom! I can't believe you won't let him drown-i-mean-swim! :)