Sunday, May 30, 2010

Monday Mayhem

Join Us for Monday Mayhem

Welcome to Monday Mayhem.This week's meme features random questions that make no sense. Simply answer the questions the best way that you want to. Have fun!

1. What animal in your opinion is the stupidest animal alive? Well, it'd probably have to be the human. Seriously, we KNOW what is bad for us, yet continue to indulge in it. Intentionally go out of our way to hurt people -- those we love... are selfish... arrogant... materialistic... narcissistic... uncaring... uncharitable... Seriously, need I go on?

2. What person in the news or spotlight makes you wonder how they got so far? Paris Hilton. It seems to be there is a culture now that is just that you're famous for no apparent reason. I mean, sure AFTER she made main stream she went onto the whole reality show circuit and had her sex tape revealed and then did commercials and then did a record but before that, she was famous for nothing.

3. If you could make up a new law and be in charge of arresting law breakers, what would that law be? Oooh, this is good. Ha ha... it'd have to be the fasion police. Seriously, some people just need help! (Just kidding -- sort of)... How about making a law to punish people that throw their cigarrette butts out the car window. Do they seriously think the entir eworld is their ashtray? IT IS LITTERING YOU *BUTT* HEAD! (pun intended). I'd like there to be a law against people wearing their shorts/pants below their underwear also called "sagging" as I think it's beyond stupid. BEYOND stupid to have to continually pull up your pants ever 2 steps you take. It's along the same lines as that Justin Beiber kid and his head twitch to keep his hair going sideways. I'd like there to be a law that if you purchase something that can be recycled, that you need to see that it gets PLACED IN YOUR RECYCLE BIN! We could save so much... if people would just care and not feel like everything in life is disposable. I could just go on and on about this one. LOL... makes me sound like a real witch, don't it?

4. Name something of the color blue that you despise. Something blue that I despise? Wow... I can't think of much of anything that I even *truly* despise at all, much less, something blue.

5. If you were on your way somewhere and were running late and witnessed an accident, what would you do? It really depends on the situation. I think that if others had stopped to help then I would be fine with continuing on. If people were injured **and** there was a safe place for me to stop **and** I wasn't worried about my children being victim to anything BY my stopping, then I would do more than call 911 on my phone. If it were just a fender bender, I would give my name and phone number to the person and say that I am a witness and if they need a statement to call. Then I'd jet.

6. How tall is too tall and how short is too short in your opinion? Too tall, anything over 6'5" is too tall. Anyone shorter than me is too short. I'm 5'2". I dated a guy that was 6'4" and man... he was so tall it was just ... almost awkward.

7. What hair color and/eye color would you not want in someone you were planning on having children with? He would have to have curly dark brown hair and hazel eyes. :) (That'd be my husband in case you were wondering.)

8. What hour of the day has the worst drivers? I would have to say that 2-3am has the worst drivers because that's when the bars close and people start their drunken journeys homeward.

9. Are you following the Stanley Cup Finals? Nope. Not at all.

10. If you wanted to eat lunch at the zoo and all they served were animal parts, would you eat them? Well, technically, isn't chicken an "animal part" or isn't a hamburger an "animal part." I know, I know. I'm over analyzing the question. But, if it were animals such as those that were IN the zoo, I'd definitely say no. I'm not an exotic eater. I get the image of, say... Bambi... in my head and just feel queasy and whatever it is would become quite unpalatable.

11. Would you give, and if so how much, money to a 25 year old man holding a sign at an intersection that asks for money? I have in the past. I have no problem giving $5 or less because you never know the situation that some people are in. Have you ever heard that country song, "Don't Laugh At Me"? It talks about how people basically judge a book by the cover...

12. What do you do with emails that tell you to forward them on to 10 other people or something will happen to you? I delete them. If they're worthy of comment back to the originator, I will do that but I don't forward anythign like that. Now, they may be worthy of a forward, but I generally delete all that garbage off the bottom. I mean, I wouldn't want them feeling guilty for not forwarding something I sent. :)

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brandt! said...

Paris Hilton ... couldn't agree with you more ... and the animal/zoo question .. ugh!! No meat for me.. thank you!