Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thankful Thursdays!

It's that time of the week again -- time to remember what all you're thankful for. While I was in my sleep deprived stupor this morning biting off heads, grumbling, unable to even force a smile, starving, ticked off, feeling fat, unmotivated, contemplating canceling the cleaning lady... I realize... Gosh woman, you've still got it made in the shade. What in the WORLD do you have to complain about?

Seriously.... I have a beautiful house, healthy children, a healthy BABY with HEALTHY LUNGS (ha -- talk about a stretch to find THAT silver lining!), a new car, food in our stomachs, food in our pantry, money in the bank, insurance, a hard working husband.... seriously, my blessings are ten fold...

I'm sure it's just the sleep deprive-ed-ness (I like the way it sounded all spread out like that, don't you?) I'm sure but man I woke up in a funk. Time to change that frown upside down...

Thankful Thursday - Here I come... the letter N
  • Naps and naptime- ha ha... it's SO fitting today and I SO need one very much!
  • Nature - Why I feel compelled to stay indoors doing stuff like cooking and cleaning and boring crap like that when I SHOULD be outside enjoying time with my kids. I guess becuase if I don't do it... it WILL NOT GET DONE. I'm not a fan of a messy, cluttered house but it sure looks that way... and I'm not a fan of eating at 7-8 pm at night but if I were to go out more often, that's surely the time we WOULD be getting around to eating. I'll have to find a healthy balance here.
  • Naval - I think Benjamin's little "outie" belly button is SO cute! I'm thankful for it being so cute... because that means he's here!
  • Neighborhood - I'm thankful to live in a safe neighborhood with a few people that I really enjoy being around
  • Nerds - Face it, without them, we'd all be up a creek! YOU know the one! :)
  • New Years! - I love the idea of a fresh start -- it's hard to believe that we're almost 1/2 way through with THIS year already. Unbelievable!
  • North Pole - Isn't this the coolest place on earth (no pun intended!) I mean, Santa's house... gotta love it!
  • Noodles - I love pasta! That's probably why my butt is so big and I need to shed 20 pounds...but I love pasta... noodles call to me.

So, for now, that's it... what are YOU thankful for?

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