Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yeah... not today either

I was planning in gearing up for church today with the whole family for the first time since B made his arrival, and wouldn't you know it -- Drew woke up barking like a seal -- again!

Let me explain, yesterday evening J had his playoff game. I took him with B to the fields at 6pm. Gametime was 7:15 so I sat in the the van with B sleeping in my arms watching Love Comes Softly (again)... love that movie and highly recommend it to anyone! The previous game and the one before it ran long so his game (obviously) didn't start on time. It started about 7:40 pm.

Since we had D at J's last game and he was "SO BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORED," neither of us wanted to listen to it. ASI Gymnastics have "Parent's Night Out" once a month and for $20 you can drop your kid off and let them go play and be fed pizza/lemonade from 7-11 at a gymnastics place where they play games, bounce, run run run and come home exhausted. He loves it (and he had a friend or two there, too). So, I took J to the field. Andy took D to ASI at 7 and dropped him off and then drove to the fields... hung out until game time. Well, you see, the last time we did this at ASI, D woke up with CROUP! Guess what... this morning, he woke up barking like a seal. If he's still coughing tomorrow, we're going to the doctor first thing in the am. Grrrr.

Why "Grrrr?" His preschool graduation is Tuesday; ice cream party on Wednesday and field trip on Thursday ... he can't be sick on the last week of school especially when it's a FUN ONE! GRRRRR....

BUT... on a better note...

Josh's team is going to the SUPERBOWL!!!!!

We are so excited. This does mean, however, that his birthday trip to Six Flags with his 3 friends is OBVIOUSLY postponed. His end-of-season team party is obviously a week later which also means that his visitation to Iowa with his bio dad is therefore screwed up (but it was anyway b/c of all the other things J wants to do this summer. I think he's starting to enter the age where he's (the bio dad) going to have to realize that 5 weeks in the summer just may not happen because his son has a social and athletic life now and really doesn't want to go up there and miss out on spending time with his friends and doing the camps he wants to do. I'm sure he had to know this day would come...?? yes?

Anyways, so this coming Saturday he'll be going to the SUPERBOWL! We are all so thrilled for him. Not too bad that the first year you play football, your team goes to the SUPERBOWL, huh?
I'm very proud of him. He was COVERED in sweat last night. He's hurting this morning. It was a great day!


Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

I think croup is GRRR all on it's own. Hope he's over it quickly!

ModernMom said...

Oh it does sound like all it all it was a great day. hope that croup takes a hike. It is exhausting...for the babe and the Momma!