Monday, November 12, 2012

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 12

Let's just go ahead and start out with the automatic recap

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Day 2: Pampers
Day 3: cold weather
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Day 8: Wal-Martians
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Day 10: Anti-Depressants
Day 11:  China

I just feel all kinds of giddy talking about today's "thankful" item.... because... well, I just love 'em.  

Today, I'm thankful for PICKLES!

Yes, PICKLES!  Those amazingly, crispy, wonderful, preserved cucumbers treated with vinegar and seasonings.... just ready to bite into and make a squinchy face (but only if they're TOO sour!)  

I've seen an adorable little blue-eyed boy try his first pickle and it's hilarious.  (Go ahead, click the link -- it's Benji trying his first one out!)  It's funny, to me, to listen to how he goes from a true laugh to .... I'm not so sure... to.... YUCK!  Ha ha!

Anyway, back to me  ---->  I love all kinds of pickles!  


Sweet Gherkins... 

Bread and Butter... 

These really delicious zesty ones that have a little bit of a kick to them but I can't remember the name... grrrrr..

Anyway ---> You name it!  If it's a pickle, I'll eat it!  Now, please understand, however, that A pickle is NOT the same thing AS "pickled" because people out there are disgusting, vile creatures that will eat refuse that I don't consider suitable for human consumption... they pickle all kinds of disgusting items... pigs' feet, eggs, beets... and the list gets more gross by the minute!

There are specifics times when cooking, however, when you must adhere to the proper pickle protocol (the "PPP" if you will).  For instance, if you make deviled eggs, you must use sweet relish.  If you make Southern potato salad, again, the pickle relish must be sweet.  If you make tuna salad, again... sweet.  We are from the SOUTH... we like our tea and our pickle relish -- SWEET!  Got that?  SUH-WEET!  The other thing... if your pickles are soggy, limp pieces of vegetation... send them elsewhere.  Pickles should have some level of crispness to them.  I'm not talking crunching like a bag of Lay's, I just mean they shouldn't be limpy spears.  Pickle spears should be firm and erect to be enjoyed!  

(Get your minds out of the gutter!  We are talking about PICKLES here!  Well, we were... until I went off course... so my mind must be... anyway.. what were we talking about?)


Fuddruckers has some fantastic pickle slices.  Most fast food establishments, however, SUCK!  

So.. today... tomorrow... enjoy them!  PICKLES!  I'm thankful!


The Liebers said...

My grandmother made pickles from watermelon rind. DELISH!! They are sweet and tangy with a syrupy brine. I have tasted some from the grocery store, but they don't quite meet Grandma's standards. We always used to have them at the holidays. I always feel her absence very distinctly at the Thanksgiving table because of her cooking. Thanks for the opportunity to savor a lovely memory.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

ohhh pickles. I can actually those on my diet. I so need to get some yummy homemade ones!!