Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday 9 - Key Largo

It's time again for Saturday 9.  This week's theme is Key Largo.

1) This song was inspired by the Bogart/Bacall movie of the same name. Do you have a favorite Humphrey Bogart film? Which one? Definitely Casablanca.  There is about a four-way tie for second place as I'm a HUGE Bogey fan!

 2) Where do you rent movies? (Netflix, Redbox, OnDemand, etc.) I don't.

 3) Have you ever been to the Florida Keys? Nope.

 4) According to government statistics, more than half the people who currently live in Florida were born in another state. Were you born in the state where you currently live? Nope, I'm a native Texan although I have lived in Colorado and Ohio.

 5) To be honest, Crazy Sam really hates this week's featured song. Do you like it? Loathe it? Or are you unfamiliar with it? I did actually have to listen to it to see if I even know what it was.  While I am familiar with it, I think I could easily pass on it.  It's quite high on the "cheese" factor.  

 6) Local authorities in a suburb of Sydney blasted Barry Manilow songs into a neighborhood park to keep "hooligans" away after dark. Is there an artist or song that would make you run in the other direction? This is hilarious!  Manilow as a deterrent?  BWAHAHAHAHAHHA  I LOVE IT!  Ummmm.... I'm not a big fan of Reba McEntyre or most mainstream (c)rap... or death metal.  That just gives me a headache.  If they were blasting GWAR, I would definitely turn the other direction.

 7) Two of the most common fears are going to the dentist and speaking in public. Do either of those really get under your skin? I would rather speak before Congress than go to the dentist.  I hate it.  Truth!

 8) We're having burgers. What do you want on yours? I like pico de gallo and avocado or green leaf lettuce, red onion, thick sliced cheese, juicy tomato and mustard.

 9) Here's your chance to do a shameless plug -- What charity or cause do you wish got more support?  My mom's!  Irving Police and Fire Blue Christmas where they raise money for food and toys for needy families during the holidays.  The majority of the town, it seems, is low income so they're getting harder hit each year!


The Gal Herself said...

I checked out the link to your mom's charity. It's terrific! I especially like that they ask for unwrapped gifts for kids up to age 16. At the holidays, it seems everyone is touched by the thought of a 3 or 4 year old with no presents, but not older kids. Breaks my heart.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

What an awesome charity!! I love to have the kids pick another kid from church and we buy clothes etc. I think more of us need to learn to give and start giving our kids the want to do this too