Wednesday, November 14, 2012

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 14

One more day to halfway! Yippie skippy! And yet another recap in case you've you're ignoring my creativity.

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OOOOH it's time for the announcement of number 14.  Ten plus four.  Exciting stuff I tell ya!  Today, I'm thankful for... CONSUMERISM DRIVEN BY SUPERFICIAL PEOPLE!

I had a lovely conversation with someone not to terribly long ago who made me laugh.

She has fake hair (extensions)with fake color (highlights)

fake nails (acrylic)

fake eyelashes (extensions) 

  fake tan (Mystic)

   fake lips (collegen)

fake eyes (colored contacts)

   fake boobs (silicone)


   and only wears department store makeup

lives to shop

and loves her brand names.... 

...and then had me laughing when she admitted she was not superficial... or ...and this is a quote "fake".  WHATEVER!!!!!  

My friends, she is the epitome of everything I am not.  But her, and her type drives women who happen to reside around me to ridiculous levels of consumerism.  I truly believe Southlake IS the plastic surgery capital of Texas.  I truly believe women dress up here to impress each OTHER instead of themselves or (gasp) their MEN!

For me, the very idea of the time investment she places in solely in herself... on a daily basis... floors me.  Trust me when I say that I have no problem with people taking care of themselves...I really don't.  But I just can't even fathom that level of maintenance!  I just can't.

And then when it spews over to the kids...

...they turn their little boys into these metrosexual pieces of hair gel and baby Gap!  Boys are meant to be dirty creatures that say obscene things and pick their noses... play in the dirt and have fun... bring home snakes and lizards and wear holes in the   knee of their britches...

Little boys do not need designer skinny jeans with designs all over the butt pockets...

And...frankly...neither do MEN.  They look stupid.  And I'll stand by that... to anyone!

Women... if you shop for your men, quit making them look like ... IDIOTS!

If YOU want to be 100% trendy... do it.  However, give the guys a break.  Sheesh!  You make them look RIDICULOUS!  There really should be a fashion level for how many pieces of clothing one can wear that is "trendy" at one time -- especially over the age of 30 (because you should just know better by then).

So, it seems that the land where I live is filled with the superficial... the overly trendy... the oh so very fake... the extremely superficial...

But... their consumerism brings in some GREAT stores (that I never patronize)... and some fantastically trendy eateries (that I never visit) and, well, they do offer good blog fodder, huh?  So, for that, I'm thankful.


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Alexis AKA MOM said...

LOL working for a plastic surgeon for many years I saw plenty of those ladies. Now you did have some great ones too but they came in that lost a ton of weight like me who needed to get rid of the loose skin.

But oh yes that person reminds me of the gals on the Beverly Hill Housewives. I say if you want to be like then that is cool, but you have to own who you are :)