Tuesday, November 20, 2012

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 20

I do believe it's time for a little recap of our Days of Thanksgiving up to this point... since, you know... it's always good to continually remind ourselves of all that we are thankful for.

As it stands, I've been thankful for glow sticks, Pampers, cold weather, Canton, TX, Q-tips, inside jokes, the inexistence of mind readers, Wal-Martians, thongs, anti-depressants, China, pickles, SPAM, consumerism driven by superficial people, laughter, muffin tops, laxatives, Photoshopped celebrities and Rednecks!  

WHEW!  Now just try to tell me that we are not working on the motherload of all motherloads of items to TRULY be thankful FOR!

Which leads us to today... the 20th Day of Thanksgiving in our month-long list... and today I am thankful for people who wear their pets.

I do need to clarify, however, that I'm not talking about this at all... 
 Although I do have to say that... I'm not sure I'd mess with a man that had the package to wear THAT out in public!  And, I'm not even talking about THIS shirt   (because, you know, it IS cuter due to the subject matter.  Although, it could be tested and proven that my opinion is a tad biased).  But, as I've stated repeatedly, It's MY blog, so it's MY opinion!  

I'm talking about THIS: 

Yes, THAT!  This dude's man card has been officially revoked.  It happened the SECOND he put material over his shoulder.  REVOKED!  INCINERATED!  

And this poor lady needs a baby.  Or, a chicken.  Maybe a lava lamp.  She needs something to do with her time.  Poor dog has to pull its hair over its eyes just to hide the embarrassment.

Below is another contender for male-bitch of the year.  That, my friends, is the very REASON that dogs bite people.  

And yea, her too.... that dog IS going to bite someone... it's ready!  I can see it on it's little Chihuahua face!  You just lean in here buddy and I'll take off a nipple!  Funny thing is, you'll see this ALL OVER Canton, TX.  And those dogs look SO HUMILIATED!  Women wear them like... a bracelet or an accessory.  It's SO ridiculous.  

While we're at it... does this dog look happy to you?  And woman, clean your house?  GOOD GRIEF it's a freakin mess!

And finally, this dog?  This dog is just left... hanging around... from some guys backside... he can't sniff.  He can't walk.  He can't stretch.  He's just... a living extension from this guy's back.      
Is it just me or does anyone else think it'd be hilarious for one of these little guys to piss all over their owners?

This is quite an odd little community of "weird" these pet wearers have created.  I am, however, thankful that they exist... only for the reason that ... THEY MAKE ME LAUGH!  

One caveat to this group would be those individuals that get up, get busy and hike, exercise, camp in the wilderness and explore nature -- and want take their pets with them.  
Dog Backpack


I have a friend that took their dog with them to the desert and the sand was so hot, it burned the little pads of his paws so they put him in her backpack -- voila!  Everyone was happy.  So, like this one... a warm snuggly place for a smaller dog on a hiking trip... Yeah, actually, to me, that's a-okay.  The others... just make me laugh.  I love my dog to the moon and back but I'll be damned if I'm wearing her ANYWHERE!  She's a DOG.  

Cheers to the pet wearers that suck the joy out of their fur babies outings by strapping them on... but thanks for the laughs!  Everyone thinks your an idiot. :)  

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