Wednesday, November 21, 2012

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 21

Today is another installment of the month-long adventure reminding us all of what we should be thankful for.  I look BEYOND the ordinary... to the extraordinary... to everyday items that we may overlook... teaching us all to be more introspective and appreciate the  more unique items in our world.  (Are you buying this BS?  Yeah, I didn't think so... but it sure is lots of fun!)

Today, no recap... I'm going straight into the belly of the beast... because I experienced it first hand.  Today, I'm thankful for people -- the general public and/or commercial establishment employees -- who are kind enough to do something when idiots who breed try to utilize them as a babysitting service.

You see, while checking out of Hell yesterday, (aka Wal-Mart), this was overheard on the store's speaker system, 

"LaQuita, please come to the fitting room to retrieve your children."

The clerk and I made eye contact and both just shook our heads.  She said, "It's quite early in the season for this to start happening."  I was just taken aback that this happens AT ALL!  But it does!

There are the accidents where people assume others have their kids.... only to realize that they don't.  Which, you know, means that NOW their children are officially MISSING!  

I'm not necessarily referring to those incidents... even though I still don't buy it! 

How about the case of woman who let her THREE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER wander around Wal-Mart while she was passed out in her car.  

Here is a mother of 10 who left her 5 year old daughter behind at Chuck E. Cheese... it was her daughter's birthday party.  That's a GREAT finale, don't you think --- getting placed into foster care on your birthday because your mother can't keep her offspring in check?

Or the 3 year old who was left at Chuck E. Cheese.  Her parents only realized they'd FORGOTTEN her when they saw her face on the 11 pm news?  Parents of the year, for sure!

I have never left my child... ANYWHERE.  I won't even remotely try to understand how anyone would just KNOWINGLY leave their children because they're too damn concerned with their own lives and personal agendas.... usually drug related.  However, drugs are a choice... as is leaving your child somewhere... 

So, I'm thankful NOT ONLY that there are people that watch out for the little people since some people seem to breed like cockroaches and be unable to adequately supervise and care for their offspring, but mostly I'm thankful for these people because it makes the rest of us feel as if we are REALLY taking this parenting gig seriously!  Fo' real!

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