Monday, November 26, 2012

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 26

We're almost done with our month long journey of giving THANKS!  A recap please...

Day 1: glow sticks
Day 2: Pampers
Day 3: cold weather
Day 4: Canton, TX
Day 5: Q-tips
Day 6: Inside jokes
Day 7: The inexistence of mind readers
Day 8: Wal-Martians
Day 9: Thongs
Day 10: Anti-Depressants
Day 11: China
Day 12: Pickles
Day 13: Spam
Day 14: Consumerism driven by superficial people
Day 15: Laughter
Day 16: Muffin Tops
Day 17: Laxatives
Day 18: Photoshopped Celebrities
Day 19: Red Necks
Day 20: Pet wearers
Day 21: For responsible people who step in to care for the kids of those who aren't
Day 22: For the ability to be thankful
Day 23: Black Friday
Day 24: Gamers
Day 25: Lady Gaga

...and so that brings us to TODAY. Today I'm thankful for da na na na na na na na da na na na na na na na....BATMAN!

There is nothing so cool, so clever, so powerful, so awesome as... THE BATMAN.

I remember days as a kid RUNNING for the television when we heard this:

Although Batman has been played by many:

The original - Adam West

  And who can forget Michael Keaton (Jack Nicholson was a badass Joker, was he not?)

 My personal favorite, Val Kilmer.  Mrow!

  The infamous, George Clooney (not a fan).

  And lastly, Christian Bale (never seen him in a Batman movie).

I really can't explain my love affair with The Batman.  Perhaps it's the idea of a hero in disguise.  Someone willing to fight for what's right and good without needing the limelight in his personal life.  Letting some alter ego take front and center in the limelight.   

Besides how awesome is it to be SO ... AWESOME that they  make all this neat STUFF just FOR YOU?!?!

Every superhero needs a Bat bill clip! 
...or warm flannel pajamas
...or an apron
...or cufflinks
...or your own personal Batsignal (ok, it's a nightlight, but work with me!)
...or ice cubes 
... you know you've totally arrived when you have your own Mr. Potato Head 
... or for the BatGIRL that has everything... 
... earbuds 
...USB drive (truth be known, I totally want this!) 

... or a caped lunchbox:  

So, today... thankful for THE ONE...THE ONLY... My FAVORITE superhero:  BATMAN.  

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Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ok the Mr. Potato Head is freaking awesome!! LOVE Batman too :)