Saturday, November 24, 2012

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 24

We're six days from the culmination of this month long journey into the obscure, but relevant list of thankful items that are somewhat off the beaten path.  Today is no different.  However, before we embark upon today's list maker, let us do a friendly recap of what all we've been thankful for to date.

Day 1: glow sticks
Day 2: Pampers
Day 3: cold weather
Day 4: Canton, TX
Day 5: Q-tips
Day 6: Inside jokes
Day 7: The inexistence of mind readers
Day 8: Wal-Martians
Day 9: Thongs
Day 10: Anti-Depressants
Day 11: China
Day 12: Pickles
Day 13: Spam
Day 14: Consumerism driven by superficial people
Day 15: Laughter
Day 16: Muffin Tops
Day 17: Laxatives
Day 18:  Photoshopped Celebrities
Day 19:  Red Necks
Day 20:  Pet wearers
Day 21:  For responsible people who step in to care for the kids of those who aren't
Day 22:  For the ability to be thankful
Day 23:  Black Friday

...and so that brings us to TODAY.  One month from Christmas Eve -- GASP!  Today I'm thankful for GAMERS!

If you don't know what that word is, you either do not have a teenage boy in your home... or a boy in your home at all for that matter... or have never been around college-aged boys... or grown men.... because at some point I do believe all men have been gamers to some degree.

Gamers... those who sloth on the couch fondling controllers as if their very lives depended upon it.  

Gamers are men who will go without food and water because they can't simple put it down.  

They will lose all track of time because they are tunnel visioned into the zone.

They will stalk the stores and go wait in line for the next version of their game to come out... release night is a big deal.  

They talk about it... breathe it.. live it... and some, even die by it!

I am only thankful for them because I, you see, am not one.  I don't speak "game" and I can't tell you a Wii U from a PS3.  I am thankful because I have a son who IS a gamer.  I'm not sure he can be engaged in a conversation without having to bring up Minecraft at some point.  Anyway, Mr. Drew asked for something for Christmas and I had NO IDEA what he's talking about.  So, what does any lucid and resourceful mom do about that?  Why take it to Facebook!  Duh!  Within mere seconds, I have my answers from either gamers or parents of gamers.  We seek to help one another out!  This parenting gig has a huge support group if you embrace it!  I've learned that.  

Anyway, as I said, I am by no means a gamer.  I am "old school."  When I say "old school," my friends, I mean ONE controller with ONE button and/or a joystick.  The controllers today are something akin to the space shuttle controls and require far too much time to master just how to manipulate your character than I'm willing to devote so this technology is completely wasted on me.

I think, however, that some of these kids really spend TOO MUCH TIME PLAYING GAMES.  Their moms and dads are happy because they're engaged and therefore not being bothered for entertainment.  Some 18 year old died after spending 40 hours -- FORTY HOURS playing Diablo III at an interet cafe... then there was the 20 year old who died of a blood clot lodging in his lungs after playing 12 straight hours of Halo on the XBOX.  

I think, too, the internet has led to the dumbing down of gamers because instead of learning the levels and playing the games, they surf, find the cheat codes and BAM they've got everything -- instant gratification without working for any of it.  Don't think this type of behavior doesn't carry over into society!  

And then, there are the superdorks who -- let's just admit it -- we all know at least one -- that could be swapped for the mancandy below.  

However, love 'em or hate 'em... they're here to stay -- and thankfully help those of use with better things to do.

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