Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday 9 - Good Morning Heartache

It's that glorious day of the week where we converge at Saturday 9 for some meme action.  Today's topic:  Good Morning Heartache

1) Do you come up with your brightest ideas early in the morning or late at night? Honestly, I come up with ideas (which could be up for interpretation as to whether or not they constitute "bright") at all times of the day.  My brain never stops.  It's a blessing, and a curse.

2) Are you more likely to feel romantic at night or in the morning? Definitely in the morning.

3) Do you shower in the morning, after work or before bed? Yes.  Hee hee.... I hate it when people answer stuff like that!  I mean, it works, but it's like asking your child, "Did you have a good day today?"  And they reply with, "Yes."  You OBVIOUSLY want more information but they only gave enough to answer your question.  I only do it to get on people's nerves.  So, to more FULLY answer the question.  When I go to the gym, I do not shower first thing in the morning because that would just be idiotic.  I generally shower after I get Josh off to school and then return home before getting Benji up and ready for school.  

4) Billie Holiday was just 44 when she died. Is there an artist whose early demise surprised and saddened you? Nope.  I don't get hung up personally on any sort of artist to truly be affected by their demise.  

5) Billie was known as "Lady Day." Do you have a cool nickname? (If not, feel free to give yourself one right now.) No.  Isn't that sad?  I feel like George Costanza wanting to be called "T-bone" or something.  I'm not comfortable with giving myself a nickname.  I'm fine with "hey you."

6) When was the last time you had the blues? Bleh, do I have to answer?

7) Crazy Sam is eating Trader Joe's Snickerdoodles as she composes this. What's the last snack food you ate? I ate a handful of almonds last night while I was outside with Benji.

8) Do you worry about preserving endangered species? Or do you believe in survival of the fittest? Yes.  Ha ha... there I go again!  I do believe in survival of the fittest but I believe, we, as a species have a responsibility to realize when we are encroaching upon the environments of others and do what we can to protect them.  I think every animal plays a significant role in the circle of life and varying ecosystems and I do believe that wiping out one species can have dramatic results (mostly negative) upon the environment from which they were obliterated.  

9) Would you ever hire a lawyer who runs commercials on TV? Do you know anyone who has? No, and yes.  


The Gal Herself said...

Almonds! I like them and they are much healthier than the junk I snack on. Thanks for the idea. I'll pick some up.

Diana_CT said...

I like your answer for #3. I was temped to answer "no never"

Joe Plynetree said...

I'm from the blog police. You should have answered #6...

Tina said...

Almonds are a go-to food for me. I keep a container of them in my bag for emergencies.

Banker Chick said...

I don't have a current nickname but Mr BC does call me nice names like honey and sweetie.

Heather said...

HA Ha, love that part about that's like asking your kid if they had a good day. :)