Thursday, November 22, 2012

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 22 TURKEY DAY Y'all!

It's the big one today!  Thanksgiving!  So, from my home to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!  

I've been thinking, however.  I'm not so sure that our ancestors could have ever really imagined all that this day of a bountiful harvest celebration would become.... 
To them, this day (that wasn't even a real "established" and proclaimed "holiday" until decades later) was their chance to publicly gather and thank God for their blessings ... to some it's a day deeply entrenched in Judeo-Christian roots, to others it's just a day to remember and be thankful for abundant blessings.  

Do you think they would even begin to understand or comprehend that it has become a day to spend hours cooking a meal 

...that is consumed in about 15 minutes.

A time when you bring together your entire dysfunctional family...and hope the police aren't called.

A gluttonous-butter-filled-over-indulgent-button-popping-food orgy only to be followed with a Cowboys game and a nap (generally at the same time).  

It's also a day that, I feel, is sadly being replaced by the machine.  You know the  greed machine.  It seems now that stores can't even be closed for ONE STUPID DAY! They all open a little earlier each year... You know, because they have to beat their competitors.  They can't be outdone by Wal-Mart!  

I almost (almost, meaning not really but ya get me..right?) ALMOST wish the government would step in and say... Thanksgiving Day -- CLOSED -- no retailers.  PERIOD!  But no... some stores open as early at 7pm ON THANKSGIVING... this is after closing at 2 or something ridiculous like that.  Those people have no holiday with their families.  And, yeah, I think that's sad.  Anyway, to me that bend on the holiday is simply a commercialism-driven-money monster that the public sadly perpetuates.

Regardless of what it is... I do hope people continue to be thankful all year long, rather than on just one day.  And, lets be thankful for the laughter we sometimes have... 

So, today, I'm just thankful... for the ability to be thankful. :)

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