Sunday, November 25, 2012

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 25

There are many things which we should all be thankful for.... health (if you have it)

family (if you have it)

fortune (if you have it)

teeth (if you have them)

a job (if you have it)

forgiveness (if you receive it)

friendship (if you give it)

a home (if you have one)

food on the table (if you have some)

obedient children... (I want to kick you in the teeth... if you have them)

All that syrupy sweet sappy stuff ... bleh...lets look at the things you just have to dig a liiiittle deeper to realize that they're truly worthy of gratitude.  Like today's little nugget of thanks...

Lady Gaga!

OH yes, I went THERE!

She's SO far out there... she's something to talk about.  And sometimes, having that one thing to talk about can be the catalyst to build bridges... (work with me here... okay?).. and that is definitely something TO BE THANKFUL FOR!  Right?

She's been accused of being a man... that tucks...

She's been accused of being a hermaphrodite.

She's been accused of copying songs from Madonna.

She's been accused of an eating disorder.

She's been accused of being a bad influence after admitting she smoked weed when she was writing songs to help her relax and be creative.

She's been accused of wearing meat (well, that is true.)

She's been accused of being over-the-top.... (again, true)

but truly, how can you diss someone that brought the term "disco stick" into the public realm?  How dare you?!

She's known for wearing the most ridiculous of outfits.... and I do understand the idea of being unique and original because... you're an aaaaaartist..... but there is -- I believe -- a fine line between madness and artist.  She's crossed it time and time again.

And, unfortunately for her, the paparazzi follow her everywhere, so we don't miss a step... even when she does -- at the hand of her ridiculously over-the-top wardrobe choices

Lady Gaga, the performer that has changed wigs more than the sheets are changed at The Cat House.


She's worn more vinyl than the fettish shows in NYC...

She's had more items adhered to her face than the costumers for all the Cirque shows combined.  

She recently made quite the headline by packing on some 30ish pounds and still trying to squeeze her ass into her size 0 clothes.  I say... you market yourself in a bikini -- STAY BIKINI READY.... otherwise, cover that $hit up sister!

However, she is a lyrical genius... outstanding vocalist... amazing performer and she just seems pretty damn cool.

Lady Gaga... I'm thankful for this meat wearing, lace veil covering, wig wearing freakshow!  I am!


Smellyann said...

Great post! Love Gaga too :D

Alexis AKA MOM said...

LOL! Hey she is totally out there but she speaks for a lot of ppl and I say that is pretty darn cool.