Tuesday, November 27, 2012

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 27

Three more to go!  Wow... it's getting exciting isn't it?  Ok, yeah, I know it's not...but it's fun.  So, shuddup!  As always, a recap for my friends and visitors:

Day 1: glow sticks
Day 2: Pampers
Day 3: cold weather
Day 4: Canton, TX
Day 5: Q-tips
Day 6: Inside jokes
Day 7: The inexistence of mind readers
Day 8: Wal-Martians
Day 9: Thongs
Day 10: Anti-Depressants
Day 11: China
Day 12: Pickles
Day 13: Spam
Day 14: Consumerism driven by superficial people
Day 15: Laughter
Day 16: Muffin Tops
Day 17: Laxatives
Day 18: Photoshopped Celebrities
Day 19: Red Necks
Day 20: Pet wearers
Day 21: For responsible people who step in to care for the kids of those who aren't
Day 22: For the ability to be thankful
Day 23: Black Friday
Day 24: Gamers
Day 25: Lady Gaga
Day 26: Batman

...and so that brings us to TODAY.  November 27.  Today I'm thankful for.... the absolute complete most amazing application/site/program ever invented that has the ability to suck more time from a woman's day than anything else -- 

Yes.  I'm a PINNER!

I'm Pinned.

I'm followed.

I'm following.

It's an addictive love affair I tell you! 

I truly believe that this is more powerful than all the meth out there!

Pinterest.  The one stop where you can search on how to style your house, head, child, dog, make an origami bird, fix your sink, cook an entire feast for a party of 20 -- in your crockpot, decorate cakes, make your own furniture, go green, plan a scrapbook, host a party, find something red, collect pictures of unicorns and research teaching plans on Christopher Columbus.

If you have never heard of Pinterest.... you've obviously been living under a rock.  Pinterest is an electronic visual filing corkboard, of sorts.  You create boards of whatever topic you choose.  I have boards for Christmas, Halloween, Style, Food, Crafts, Photography, Cards, Scrapbooking, etc.  Then, as you visit websites and find pictures of things you like or are interested in, you "pin" them to your various boards.  From your pin, others on Pinterest then get the opportunity to see what you have pinned and then possibly repin it themselves to one of their boards (or create a new one.)  It's the ultimate grapevine!  

The one problem with Pinterest, however, is becoming a pinner and never a doer.  The idea is to find great ideas and then DO THEM.  The problem lies in that so many people collect pins and do nothing with them.  What's the point if you're not doing anything with them.  At that point it's nothing more than visual clutter.  

But, like I said, Pinterest is a complete and total master in the art of time suckage.  But, I don't care.  I'm a Pin-addict!  Thanks to Pinterest!  

Oh, and if you want to follow me, there is a "follow me" button at the top of my blog. Join the revolution!

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Alexis AKA MOM said...

How did I not know you were on there? I so am now following you :)