Friday, November 16, 2012

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 16

Oh November.... the month to ponder all things thanks-worthy....and that leads me to ... dum dum dum duuuummmm dummmmm (that was supposed to sound quite fantastical if you say it out loud with increasing octaves).  No?  Well, it did in my head

Today I am thankful for MUFFIN TOPS!!!

Just to clarify, however, I am NOT talking about THESE.... and you know she thinks she look gooooooood!   

 and I'm fairly certain this girl -- she's just glad she could button them... can you imagine the force required to actually effect the buttoning of that waistline?  And, I'm fairly certain the pounds per square inch of force being put upon that button... defies the laws of physics... when she gets home at night and pops that button I bet it's like a can of biscuits just poppin out everywhere!

and just because there are TONS of these on the web.... lets just check out MORE of these revolting dolts

  I seriously think she got into the wrong drawer today.  So, if it covers your ass crack, then it fits?  Is that the rule now?  Because what's even MORE odd, to me, is that she really HAS no ass... just a great amount of back fat...bizarre.

 Bleh...I just don't even get it.  A) how she'd think that were attractive  B) how a guy would think that were attractive  C) why anyone would want to see someone fat blobbing over their waistline?

and this.... really?  REALLLY???

I do have to follow it up with some parting words of advice for all of those who provided the visual aids for today's post, even though it's completely unsolicited

So, now that the nonsense is out of the way, to further demonstrate what I'm thankful for... let me show you a little visual aid to see if it helps jog your memory to which muffin top I refer....

Remember this little nugget from Seinfeld?  (Oh, how I miss that show!)  Yes, I'm actually referring to the TOP OF THE MUFFIN!  :)

SIDEBAR ----> Dunkin Donuts has THE BEST MUFFINS!  Yum... though I'm sure they're loaded with sugar and fat and white enriched flour and all kinds of sinful, delicious stuff... but if you're ever in need of a good muffin -- or just a muffin top --- hit them up.  You'll thank me!  :)  Oh and blueberry is the best!  :)

16th -- thankful for muffin tops!

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Alexis AKA MOM said...

You're trying to kill me with all these carbs! hehe

I love them too and so going crazy I can't eat anything yummy this time of year. soon soon I will be at goal and can eat in moderation ... yeah it's a good thought plan at least :)