Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!

With the incoming cooler weather, it's time to get ready for fall!

I've had the fireplace cleaned. Do you realize it's only $99 to do a 2 story fireplace? That's a pretty cheap price to ensure you're not going to burn your house down!

I've also broken out the tub o' stuff. What is the tub o' stuff you ask? Why it's a handy-dandy Rubbermaid tub that is full of our winter gear that I pack up each spring. Since Josh had a late game on Saturday, and it was chilly, I had to get the scarves, hats and gloves for my brood. Not until I start going through said bucket do I realize just how many gloves, hats and scarves we possess. How does one organize such a jumbled pile of wool and fleece? Easy--clear, vinyl shoe hangers.

I ran to The Container Store and bought a clear vinyl shoe hanger where I will assign each person a row. Their gloves will be paired and in a pocket; hats will be rolled and inserted as well. Scarves are hung on the lovely hooks my mom made for us. We have a couple of really, really thick and long scarves that will hang on hangers in the coat closet. But that, is the best, most efficient way to keep our goods organized for the chilly weather.

Another thing I do when the weather starts to turn colder and the leaves start to change is adding soups/stews to our weekly menu. Good hearty soups and stews that warm your insides when it's cold on the outside! I like to make Italian wedding soup, beef stew, taco soup, chicken enchilada soup, Chicken Tortilla soup, potato soup, baked potato soup, chicken n' dumplin's and then, of course, CHILI! This year I plan to add a few new ones to the rotation this year. I'll keep you posted on those.

Another of my favorite things this time of year is to OBVIOUSLY (from the size of my butt, just kidding, sort of, quit looking at my butt!) indulge in the fall foods.... pumpkin spice muffins a la Pioneer Woman. I made these the other day. They made the entire house smell heavenly!

I need to share some more of these recipes, huh?

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Keli said...

You need to come to my house and organize!! ;)