Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just a Randon Tuesday

A few random nothings that have popped into my mind today...

**It's raining. It's just a light fall sprinkle but we have the added bonus of thunder. Oh joy! You see, thunder is evil in this house. Not for me, but for my dogs. Thunder is the thing that leaves my little Lola trying to literally crawl into me for protection. It's pathetic. It's annoying. If said thunder happens to occur in the dead of night, she tries to crawl up ONTO your head as if that will make things better. I don't understand. She will cower down within millimeteres of where ever I happen to be and shiver in a spazmatic way as if she will--any minute--go into a nervous breakdown. Like I said, it's pathetic. Today it happened to occur when I was in the playroom with Ben. I tried to make her a place on the beanbag with a big blanket over top. She crawled into the spot, I covered her up and then watched as if I had the beanbag machine set on the "agitator" mode. Chicken dog.

**It must suck being a garbage man on days like this. Sixty degrees and rain. Yuck.

**Before we walked out the door, I asked Drew to grab my glasses for me. He did. He walked into the playroom to hand them to me and put them on. The first words out of his mouth, "Look, Mom. I'm a nerd." I said, "Oh, so you're saying that when I wear my glasses I look like a nerd?" His reply was, "Yes. I mean, no. I mean..." I laughed. Freudian slips are funny at any age.

**If more and more people are using e-mail as a way to correspond then shouldn't the post office have less business. And if so, why do they keep wanting to raise the price of stamps? Sounds like they need to consolidate and let some people go.

**I love traditions. We started some new ones and continued some old ones this Halloween. We "boo'd" a neighbor. We carved a family pumpkin. We made ghosts out of milk jugs. We went to the street party in the cul de sac and then went trick-or-treating. We made caramel apples. We took silly moustache photos.

**Why are fountain drinks always better than canned or bottled ones? I love me a good fountain Diet Coke!

**I'd like to follow a week in the life of a busy celebrity just to see what they REALLY eat. Like, Paula Deen... I'd like to know when she wakes up ... does she go all out EVERY day for breakfast or does she hit the drive through at McDonalds and yuck it up with a biscuit sandwich and a cuppa joe! I'd just like to know what they eat... not what they eat for their SHOWS... more of the "reality" type tv show but I wouldn't want it all made up for the entire month... if they eat junk food -- I want to see that they're real people that eat normal food too.

**Why is it when you mention anything about being "sick" to a kid, they start with the fake coughs? It's beyond annoying.

That's the randomness in my head (for now).

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