Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A season of 10

I am thankful for...

... more Republicans in office. Not that I'm a Republican but in GENERAL, they're for less government, less taxes, less governmental dependency and I'm all for that!

... silence.

... peaceful mornings with open windows, a beautiful sunrise and birds chirping outside the window.

... a pair of jeans that FIT! Yes, I found some! Woo hoo!

... changing weather. I love thunderstorms...but then, I love spring showers...and then I love frosty mornings... and I definitely love the snow!

... footie pajamas. Babies are too cute in footie jammies!

... Yahtzee. It helps Drew learn the foundation of multiplication (Yes, he's already learning that concept in Kindergarten -- not because it's taught, but because he just wants to learn it.)

... my Blackberry. It's nice to have something to do when you're stuck just sitting.

... fleece. I love fleece lined jeans, fleece blankets, fleece scarves, fleece robes, fleece hats! I LOVE FLEECE! It keeps you warm.

... slippers. I love my slippers. In the winter, I LIVE in my slippers. I prefer them to anything else. I need new ones, however as they're not as squishy inside as I'd like them.


ModernMom said...

I love your list of loves. Jeans that fit. Priceless!

brandt! said...

yes .. i love everything on your list! I'm wearing fleece now, only because it is getting so freakin' cold in Maine. I love babies in footsy pj's .. except their little feet become quite smelly .. haha .. jeans that fit .. omg.. when will they stop playing with the sizing .. birds chirping .. a sure sign of spring .. no birds anymore **sigh** .. changing weather .. YES, especially in Texas .. I loved the storms there... and thank goodness for Republicans ... lol

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I so need a new pair of slippers :)

Frugal Vicki said...

I love feetie pajamas. And I found "slimming jeans" at Penney's on sale. Love them