Friday, November 12, 2010

Rock 'N Roll Friday with The Cure

Today we picked The Cure. The song's lyrics are in bold.

1. FRIDAY I’M IN LOVE “Monday you can fall apart, Tuesday, Wednesday break my heart. Oh, Thursday doesn't even start, It's Friday I'm in love”
Do you have a certain day of the week for particular meal, such as pizza night or a family night, such as Game night? No, but you know, I think I probably should just to a) make it easier on me and b) make it easier on me. Ha! We generally have football and baseball on Tues/Thurs so I try to have crock pot meals on those nights but as far as planning anything week-in and week-out, I honestly don't like to eat the same thing every week. So, that'd probably be hard for me to do for that reason alone.

2. LOVECATS “We should have each other to tea huh? We should have each other with cream, Then curl up by the fire And sleep for awhile”
What is your favorite brand of tea (or iced tea)? If I'm drinking sweet tea, I like Luzianne decaf. If I'm drinking hot tea, I like Earl Grey or Lady Grey with a spot of honey. Mmmmm.

3. LETS GO TO BED “Another girl, Another name, Stay alive but stay the same
It's just the same, A stupid game”
Have you ever joined a dating service or used personal ads to find a date? On-line service, sure. Personal ad, never.

4. NEVER ENOUGH “However big I ever feel, It's never enough. Whatever I do to make it real, It's never enough. In any way I try to speak. Never enough”
What is the last project you worked hard on, only to get knocked down with friends /family insults about it? I don't have THAT kind of friends or family. That's what enemies do... friends and family are there to support you and build you up so that when your confidence waivers, their support never does.

5. JUST LIKE HEAVEN "Show me how you do that trick, The one that makes me scream" she said. "The one that makes me laugh" she said. And threw her arms around my neck . "Show me how you do it And I promise you I promise that
I'll run away with you "
What’s your best trick? I can help with homework, soothe a fussy baby, play Candy Land and cook dinner ALL at the same time! :) Talk about magic!

6. INBETWEEN DAYS “Yesterday I got so old I felt like I could die. Yesterday I got so old It made me want to cry…”
When was the last time you felt old or were told by someone else that you were too old to do something? The last time I felt old? Gosh, I feel OLD every DAY. I mean, I'm pushing FORTY! Yikes! I remember when I was in junior high school and my friend had a sister in her TWENTIES? GOSH, she was OLD. Then I was in high school and 20s weren't bad, it was the THIRTIES (GASP!) And now I'm there and I'm like. Yeah, I DO feel old sometimes! I've got some kind of issue with my feet. I have FEET PROBLEMS? Seriously... isn't that what old decrepit people have to deal with? I have abdominal issues. Again, that's old people stuff. You know, drinkin' Metamucil and talking fiber and vitamins. And don't even get me STARTED talking about crow's feet and sun spots. I see my hands... they look like old hands.

7. WHY CANT I BE YOU “Everything you do is irresistible; Everything you do is simply kissable Why can't I be you?”
What would you say to your favorite celebrity if you met them in person? You know, I don't get all starry-eyed for anyone (other than Rick Springfield). I don't care TO meet celebrities. I don't care. I know it's so not "American" to not give a flip... but I really DON'T give a flip: what Miley's doing or how many times Lindsay is going to go to jail or how many more kids Brangelina are going to adopt or have. I don't care if Paris opens a cocaine factory or if anyone else releases a "sex tape" just for publicity sake. I don't care if Brittany is having another mental breakdown or if someone got spat on by Justin Beiber. I don't care about Michael Jackson's kids and I don't care who is being sued by their parents. I could care less about their trashy, ridiculous fashion trends or if they pick their nose in public. I could care less if someone trips on the red carpet, if they shave their head, who they're sleeping with or if they're nominated for awards. Celebrity-schelebrity! Who cares. I don't! :) NEXT QUESTION!

8. THIS TWILIGHT GARDEN “I lift my eyes from watching you
to watch the star rise shine onto your dreaming face and dreaming smile
you're dreaming worlds for me “
What is the nicest thing about sleeping with someone else, or sleeping alone? Well, hands down, sleeping alone is the best because you get the whole bed to yourself, no one steals the covers, you can have it dark, quiet and there is NO SNORING! I am SUCH a light sleeper and having to deal with snoring...lets just say that it makes me less than pleasant.

However, it's nice to sleep with someone beside you... because you feel safer. If your feet are cold, you've got a body heater right there. You've got someone to warm up the bed for you and if you just feel like a late night rendezvous -- hey! There they are!

Sleeping with your little baby next to you, however, is SUCH a wonderful, soul-filling experience for me. I love to see his face as he falls asleep. I love watching him stroke the silky blanket against his face. I love seeing his face first thing in the morning and being the first person I get to interact with. I love when he scootches right next to me to snuggle. I know these days are fleeting and so I cherish this more than anything right now.

9. PRIMARY “The innocence of sleeping children Dressed in white And slowly dreaming Stops all time Slow my steps and start to blur; So many years have filled my heart I never thought I'd say those words”
What do children do that amuses you most? Lack common sense. For instance, Josh was hungry. I suggested he make a sandwich. Good idea. He walks into the kitchen and get the components lined up for him TO make a sandwich then he decides he's not hungry enough for a whole sandwich. I suggest to make a half of a sandwich. His reply? It was, "What do I do with the other half?"

10. 10:15 ON A SATURDAY NIGHT “Under the strip light, And I'm sitting
In the kitchen sink, And the tap drips , Drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip”
What was the last appliance or household item you fixed? Hmmm... I don't "fix" stuff. I break it. I call my mom to fix stuff. She's awesome like that.

11. BOYS DON’T CRY “I would say I'm sorry If I thought that it would change your mind; But I know that this time I've said too much Been too unkind “
What was the last thing you said to someone that you wish you could take back? OH I'm sure it's something on a daily basis... probably "shit" since I know that's not the nicest thing to mutter in front of your children. Sometimes, however, the expletives fly. What are you gonna do? I'm human. Sue me.

12. CATERPILLAR “You flicker And you're beautiful You glow inside my head
You hold me hypnotized I'm mesmerized Your flames The flames that kiss me dead “
What is your favorite insect? You know, I've never really considered HAVING a favorite insect. I mean... bugs are bugs are bugs. As long as they're outside.... they're all kind of all right with me. Well, other than anything that buzzes when it flies or stings... or even worse -- BOTH! There is no room for THOSE kind of bugs in my Utopian society. I like pill bugs or roly poly bugs. Snails, are they bugs? I think snails are cool. We had some as pets once. They're hermaphroditic... did you know that? Yeah, those two turned into like four hundred and eighty snails real quick. They like red leaf lettuce. But if snails aren't bugs, then I'd definitely have to say butterflies. They're so dainty and beautiful.

13. CHARLOTTE SOMETIMES “Sometimes I'm dreaming Expressionless the trance Sometimes I'm dreaming So many different names Sometimes I'm dreaming The sounds all stay the same “
What era in history would you like to visit for one day? I would LOVE to go back to the old West. I'd like to see how the women cooked and gardened and quilted and lived. However, I think it'd be quite awesome to go back to biblical days and see Jesus speak. How about witnessing the dinosaurs first hand so you could tell the scientists they were full of pook on some of their theories. What about going back to the days of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round table.... or to witness George Washington crossing the Potomac or ... wow, too many to choose from. OOOOh wait.... I'll take the sports almanac and go back and place some bets! Ha ha! I'll OWN this country!


DJ KathyA said... your bets folks! I like the dinosaur theory blaster best. Butterflies are cool, yep. Nice spiel about sleeping alone...and with a baby. Very cool. : ) Like that you have no eating patterns. Yes, I remember thinking the 20s were old... sigh. Thanks for playing. Have a great weekend April!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

But how do you REALLY feel about celebrities? ;)