Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Mayhem - Seven

Join Us for Monday Mayhem
Welcome to Monday Mayhem. The fun spot on a Monday of course.
Today's meme is based upon the Versatile Blogger award which was recently passed on to us.

The requirement of the award is to list 7 things that you haven't mentioned before.

Have fun!

1. I watched more than half of a Dallas Cowboys football game... they completely sucked.

2. I have a love/hate relationship with the zoo.

3. I really don't like to fly.

4. I'm really good at gathering ideas but not good at executing them because time runs out.

5. I'm happier now that I ever have been in my life but I'm in the worst shape (post baby and needing to have lost about 8 pounds before I found out I was pregnant)...

6. I don't understand why people have dogs when they just leave them in the backyard and give them no love, attention or protection from the elements.

7. Popcorn kernels always seem to get jammed between my teeth and gums. It's really annoying.

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