Monday, November 22, 2010

A season of thanksgiving... day 22

I'm thankful for...

... good friends that like my kids. (Drew is at a movie and then a Chuck E Cheese playdate with a good friend).

... Cookie exchanges. They're a great way to have a lot of variety with a little effort.

... Christmas music after thanksgiving.... (not before!)

... getting cards in the mail. I like e-cards, too, don't get me wrong but makes you feel so special to get a card with a hand written sentiment in the mail from someone.

... crafting. I'm about to do a project I saw on another blog where you take acorns, paint them in ModPodge and then roll them in glitter and then hot glue the tops back on. Won't that be festive and fancy!

... Mexican food. I'm in the mood for something spicy... wonder what it will be.

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