Sunday, November 7, 2010

A season of thanksgiving... day 7

I'm thankful for...

... distance. because sometimes people would drive you nuts if they were too close.

... hair bands. Cause sometimes, it's a good thing to rock out to a little Bon Jovi or Cinderella!

... Woot. I absolutely love this site and have snagged some AMAZING deals for Christmas already!

... Fort Worth Christian. Hearing the blessings bestowed on my children already just from the few short months there is amazing.

... Disney World. I'm almost 40 years and I still absolutely love that place. I think I could go every year without getting sick of it. I love the shows, the seasons, the parks, the food, the excess. I love Disney. I love the mouse. I love the duck. I love it all!

1 comment:

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

I agree about the distance and the Disney World, but the distance from Disney World? I wish that place was closer!