Monday, November 1, 2010

A season of thanksgiving...

It's the time of year that we all focus on our abundance...

...our abundance of commitments

...our abundance of extra calories consumed

...our abundance of recipients on the gift list

...our abundance of stress at the mere thought of the next two months

I am, however, going to focus on the more positive aspects of the season with a daily post of thanksgiving for the entire month of November as a way for me to focus on my abundance of blessings rather than the mountain of stress.

Day one - thanksgiving blessings

I am blessed with a handsome, loving, understanding, red-blooded, patriotic, non-politically-correct, devoted, loyal, great-hug-giving, fantastic father figure being, non-metrosexual, non-picky eating, witty, sarcastic, manly man to whom I am devoted.

I am blessed with a beautiful house that, although it does needs some work (floors mostly), is a HOME and not just a house. It's a place that my boys feel safe and warm and comfortable.

I am blessed with not one but two, lovable dogs that are each others ying-yang. Why consider dogs a blessing? They don't complain about the temperature, the food, where they sleep...they don't talk back, don't hold grudges.... give unconditional love and when you want to leave, you can lock them in a crate and give them a "cookie" and they'll just sleep til you get back!

I am blessed with some great friendships. Christie, my best friend, is just, THE epitome of what a best friend is. I've known her since I was 18 so for nearly 20 years of my life... SHE has been THE friend that has stood the test of time from all the ins and outs of my life. She's been there for both marriage and divorce, through job changes and "chick" issues, through births and deaths and even moves across the country. I know that no matter what I need, if I pick up the phone, she will always be there. She will always have my back and, if needed, she'll bring a shovel. That's what kind of friend she is.

I'm blessed with friendships that have reemerged because of Facebook. Slam it all you want, I'm grateful for it! Shannon Fry was my best friend from age 5 through about 10th grade, now, because of Facebook, we are in contact almost daily. I can keep in touch with Gene (my guy best friend that I've had since 6th grade) even though he's deployed half-way around the world. I'm blessed to be back in contact with Leigh-Ann and Amy Dickerson, and I can stay in contact with friends I've made through the Internet like Christa and Janet and Felecia and Gwen! Love those scrappin friends!

I feel blessed and am very thankful with the fact that I don't consider myself a "high-maintenance" girl. (Maybe this should be one of Andy's blessings! Ha! I don't like much of anything that requires maintenance -- highlights, tans, nails, a trendy wardrobe. I'll keep my skin cancer free, thankyouverymuch! And for the money highlights cost in my neck o'the woods, I'll keep my $140 session every 6 weeks and save that money. My nails grow out just fine and I'd rather not have some odd chemical stuck on them absorbing into my body for months at a time. I'm blessed that I appreciate "simple."

... Day one... what are you thankful for?

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Christie said...

I am thankful for you to my best friend. I know that no matter what has happened or will happen down the road we will always be there for each other. I love you girlie. :)